EHA Skaters on our travel teams are invited to join their teams for some Pre-Season Clinics. These are optional Clinics and there is no cost. We ask that you register your skater for our planning purposes.


Dates & Times

Wed(8/21) 5:00-5:50pm

Fri(8/23) 5:00-5:50pm

Wed(8/28) 5:00-5:50pm

Fri(8/30) 5:00-5:50pm


Dates & Times

Wed(8/21) 6:00-6:50pm

Fri(8/23) 6:00-6:50pm

Wed(8/28) 6:00-6:50pm

Fri(8/30) 6:00-6:50pm

Pee Wee

Dates & Times

Wed(8/21) 7:00-7:50pm

Fri(8/23) 7:00-7:50pm

Wed(8/28) 7:00-7:50pm

Fri(8/30) 7:00-7:50pm


Dates & Times

Wed(8/21) 8:00-8:50pm

Fri(8/23) 8:00-8:50pm

Wed(8/28) 8:00-8:50pm

Fri(8/30) 8:00-8:50pm

Preseason 2024-25

Pre-season Clinic Registration is now open to EHA skaters only.  Please make sure to sign up your skater if they will be attending.  There is no cost to this program

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